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Improve your school’s CPD enrichment with First Step Training

At First Step Training, CPD is one of our specialities. Our extensive experience catering to schools has given us a wealth of patented resources and instruction. Look no further for the ultimate array of workshops in confident PE instruction.

Our Enrichment Workshops offer a full-service package. Combining expert instruction, a clear cadre of resources, and a list of equipment, you’ll have all you need to improve the experience of PE. Our workshop is split into foundational, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Workshops, for ease of learning and navigation.

Our specialist Outdoor and Adventurous Activity (OAA) workshops create a better understanding of movement through orienteering. Using recognisable equipment such as benches, bean bags, and cones, our workshops explore how pupils can interact with equipment that mimics outdoor adventuring.

Each course from Foundation through to Key Stage 2 features a range of exercises devoted to warm-ups for children. In the Foundational course, activities such as ‘Colours’ allow children to experiment with different exercises such as jumping or sit-ups. The exploration of different forms of travel allows teachers to develop a collection of movements suitable for this age group.

Each workshop is designed to work individually but builds on each level, following those commonly found in schools. Skills-based activities give children simple directions to follow, working in pairs and groups cohesively. Serving as an organisational function, this area explores how to best teach children core team-working skills.

These activities help them learn to follow simple directions and work in pairs or groups effectively. In the foundational course, we zero in on helping children understand how and when to move their bodies. Using them to interact with their environment, recognising shapes or patterns, and imitating them.

For Key Stage 1 and 2 Pupils, the workshop focuses on building a platform for existing skills in OAA. Activities such as ‘NESW’ prepare pupils to actively use orientation equipment such as maps and compasses, to navigate past obstacles. You will learn how to enhance a pupil’s experience, improving their balance, agility, and capacity to organise themselves towards targets in groups.

Part of our workshop is not just about understanding the practical experience, but why it’s so important. In Key Stage 2, we want to prepare pupils to engage in school-wide sports events such as sports days and outdoor trips. Our warm-ups not only give you an array of stretches but there is a stress on the importance of warming up before exercising.

For Key Stage 2, we enhance their balance, coordination, and agility with games such as Chain Tag and Obstacle. These games encourage them to work with larger groups and navigate obstacles whilst holding objects or looking at maps. Developing these skills enables them to multi-task proactively and keep goals for themselves and their teams at the foremost of their minds.

When you think of CPD. Think FST. First Step Training, for all your training needs.

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