First step training

Mission, Vision and Values


Provide experiences that inspire lifelong activity by developing the physical activity workforce.


First Step Training create a clear pathway to a long term career in the sport and physical activity sector. Our learners have the privileged position of shaping the first sporting experience of their participants, we inspire our learners and provide them with tools to deliver an exceptional session every time.

Our vision is to multiply the impact an individual can make on the future of health and wellbeing of society. We are a commercial company with an exceptional cause.

To achieve this we need exceptional players on our team with the attitude and commitment to make it happen. We have worked tirelessly to achieve our position and expect anyone joining us to achieve our standards and contribute to our vision.


  • We are role models and ambassadors for an active lifestyle
  • We treat colleagues and partners with respect
  • Our learners come first
  • We are continuously learning and improving our practise
  • We are efficient
  • We work as a team
  • Performance results in progression