Upskilling sports coaches

The 4 benefits to upskilling sports coaches in your business

The way we do business is changing every day. Whether it’s new tech or hybrid working, you need to future-proof your business. And what better than making sure your coaches have the most up-to-date skills?

Here are four ways that upskilling your staff will help your business thrive!


If the market changes, match it!

Active travel is a great way to cut costs for individuals and families. So, if your customers are calling for more cycling lessons who should answer the call? A sports coach, of course!

Upskilling your current staff to match the current trends or even where a prospective client is looking makes business sense. You can add these new services to your cap, and it’s a great way to expand your business to more profitable places.


Foster internal growth and development

Investing in upskilling is a win-win for everyone. Not only will it keep you on trend, but your services never get stale or worse, not regulatorily safe. For your staff, investing in their skills fosters loyalty and trust. Improving their skills will make your business more profitable and more efficient in the long run because you’re investing time in the areas that are most needed.


Stay up to date – where it counts!

Don’t just go with the customers go. It might make commercial sense, but does it mean you’re working to your industry requirements?

Let’s say the health and safety requirements for using benches on school grounds change. You need to make sure your staff are doing their due diligence when they’re filling out their on-site reports correctly. If they don’t stay up to date with the newest safety standards, equipment and technology, you can find yourself running out of time to catch up and losing business.

That’s not where anyone wants to be!


Keep your customers smiling

Help your coaches be the best they can be. Sports coaches work with a variety of stakeholders – school administrators, children, adults, and athletes, to name a few. The great thing about upskilling is that it’s the best way to anticipate your customer’s needs. You can make changes before your customers ask, which means that when they need a partner to fulfil their needs, the change is seamless.

This way, you can really make sports coaching efficient and better yet, profitable!

Whether you’re keeping up with active travel trends or getting an athlete’s fitness up to snuff, First Step Training has got you covered!

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