Why embracing apprenticeships should be your top priority

Apprentices are one of the most flexible resources you can add to your business. From finding new talent to upskilling experienced employees, you can mould an apprentice to your business today.

Here’s why embracing apprenticeships should be your top priority….


Apprentices train within your business

An apprentice can be one of the greatest assets you afford for your business. As the employment market grows and evolves, lifelong learning and development is a key part of that growth. External learners will often apply their knowledge to real-world examples, and apprentices learn the knowledge and skills they need from the inside.

From the outset, their role is to learn how your business functions. From HR to coaching enrichment activities, they can bring value to any part of the business you introduce them to. By deciding to become an apprentice, they enter your business with a mindset for learning.


Apprentices can fill gaps

Missing coach? Nobody to close up? Apprentices can join your business as a valued extra pair of hands. You can recruit apprentices that fit a variety of standards and skill sets – from soft skills like teamwork to more specific skills like pedagogy and coaching. It’s your choice to build from what they know, into the person you need.

Many businesses in the sports, fitness and activities sector aren’t properly utilising new digital marketing tools. You can fill gaps like this to take advantage of new ways to market your business or offer new coaching practices that embrace changes in policy for health and wellbeing, for example. It’s your choice.


Apprentices can help you develop new standards

As the consumer market changes, whether for clients or stakeholders, you may need to develop standards that don’t exist in the market. Maybe you want to encourage active travel at your partner schools, and there isn’t an existing standard to help you establish its necessity. Your business can become the trailblazer that introduces a new standard, and you can use an apprentice to meet that demand.


Apprentices represent various levels of talent

Anyone over the age of 16 in England can apply for an apprenticeship. Whether you’re looking to mould new talent or develop experienced people, apprentices offer you that flexibility.

Any business can set the entry requirements for their apprenticeships, which means you have the options of Levels 2 through to Level 6 or 7. That’s from GCSEs to bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees. Check the National Apprenticeship Service for typical requirements or create requirements that suit your business.


Apprentices can be existing employees

There’s no need to look for new employees if it isn’t necessary. Apprentices can be existing staff members who you want to retrain or upskill for your current or future business needs. Any age or any level of employee can become an apprentice or take on apprenticeship training.

Whatever new skill that they need for your business is one you can find and help them train to develop or improve. Employees are more likely to remain in the business when you invest in their skills. Invest in areas of their interest or single out employees that need extra training to be successful – you can make the choice through apprenticeship training.


Apprentices are on-site

With educational sabbaticals, the process often means that employees have to leave work to upskill. An apprentice must spend at least 20% of their time in off-the-job training, but how they do this is something you can organise flexibly with your training provider. Vocational work is better suited to more active learning, with theories or basic standards in the classroom backed up by their work on-site.

University or college courses are inflexible, but working with our training provider means you allow your apprentice to learn the knowledge, skills, and required behaviours in the style, location and timing of your choosing. Choose an online portfolio, and they can work this around time spent coaching in schools or leisure centres.


You’re not alone – choose First Step Training

Use the National Apprenticeship Service’s online tools to manage and make a success out of your apprenticeships. Embracing apprenticeships is only a click away, so Recruit an Apprentice or Find apprenticeship training today.

Want to get started? First Step Training is ready to help you create the next generation of coaching. Take your first step with us!

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