School PE and Sports

Invest in your team’s ability to support school PE and sports with the Level 2 Certification from FST

The Level 2 Certificate allows aspiring coaches to support teachers in bringing diverse and inclusive physical activity to school-age pupils. Supported by the activities industry and developed in partnership with the Association for Physical Education (afPE), it is the first step to beginning your journey into physical education.

Aspiring coaches will benefit from multiple routes into supporting physical activity, from supporting schools to children’s activity programs in a wide range of settings. In just 9 units, learners will be taught how to instil the safe practice of physical activity, as well as promoting lifelong health and wellbeing through an array of engaging activities.

With a combination of practical and online learning, you will benefit from upskilling aspiring coaches coming into your organisation, with the skills they need to understand how schools work. Qualified teachers are often taught too little physical education to feel confident teaching it, and at a time when targets for physical activity are of paramount importance, you need the right training to help schools meet those goals.

The course simulates scenarios that build confidence in a coaches’ ability to lead as well as support teachers, making them indispensable support for schools wanting to meet activity targets. Coaches with this preliminary training can offer extra value in schools with the capacity to lead school sport in a variety of different disciplines.

Ready to take the first step in reaching coaching excellence? Contact the team to get started.

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