CPD Workshops

Improve your PE provision with CPD Workshops from First Step Training

What are CPD Workshops?

First Step Training CPD Workshops are designed to give teaching professionals the confidence they need to lead physical education and school sport successfully. The workshop, held on school grounds at your convenience, has been specifically developed to improve your skills in PE and expand the learning gained from a QTS.


What will you learn?

Teachers often have less than 5 hours of guidance in school sport and PE in a standard teaching qualification. With the massive benefits gained from physical activity, teachers are highly unlikely to feel confident teaching it with that level of guidance. We at First Step Training are committed to offering a better, more comprehensive teaching experience. The workshop provides easily accessible direction to school teachers, sports coaches and other activity professionals looking to enhance their skill set.

Our on-site workshops offer learners an introduction to PE that covers the 12 main areas of PE and school sport, with 2 hours of guided learning per workshop. We connect sport to promoting lifelong healthy lifestyles, safety, methods for inclusive activity, and expanding multi-skills for strengthening muscles and movement.


Why learn with First Step Training?

We are sports, PE and activity experts. As the educational landscape changes, we adapt to it. The landscape has changed, and modern problems need a modern team to help solve them.

Our workshops take place on-site at your convenience because if that’s where you’ll teach sport, then that’s where we’ll teach you to be better at it. We believe in using your own settings to replicate what you’ll have to respond to. It’s the most efficient and effective way to learn.


What can you expect after the training?

Up to 16 staff can be enrolled into our workshops and with targets for schools strongly focused towards health and fitness, it’s integral that as many of your staff can plan, deliver, and review PE and school sport as possible. Learners will be able to use a range of resources and materials, connect sport and PE across the curriculum for maximum engagement and produce impactful instruction for children.

Get the best out of your schools teaching skill with First Step Training Workshops.

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