Playing sport and coaching sport

Myth No.1: Playing sport and coaching sport are the same things

Coaching is a skill. You need to commit time, energy, and training to be a successful coach. Why? Because being fit or playing a sport simply isn’t the same as being a coach. Here is one of our top reasons why you need to invest in training and why First Step Training is your best choice.


Reason 1: Playing a sport and coaching sport(s) are different skills

Being a coach isn’t just playing a sport. And we use just lightly. A sportsperson learns to coordinate their time and focus on a specific goal. Whether it’s a team sport or an individual sport, your focus is on the action of ‘doing’. Improving your fitness. Working on your pain points. Practising with your team to help translate strategy into reality. Whatever your sport, you have a focus which is also a transferable skill.

Translating that knowledge into being a fully-fledged coach is, however, where we come in. Our training levels, certificates, and apprenticeships can help you build a broader understanding of how to translate that knowledge into providing a safe, structured environment as a teacher, a mediator, and a leader.

When you learn Strength and Conditioning with us, you learn how the body works in its simplest and most complex levels. We help you switch gears, from expanding your own fitness to learning how to deliver, plan and most importantly evaluate how well other people are doing based on their fitness levels and goals. Since the goal is no longer just understanding your way of learning, addressing how to find and adapt your style of instruction to meet all learning styles is what we’ll equip you with.

Sport and fitness have several outcomes. It’s not just about becoming a professional sportsperson. It can help people gather confidence, help them on the road to recovering after traumatic events, and become a pathway into education and employment. No matter how many goals or targets they may have, we can help you establish the methods to map their skills, evaluate their strengths and develop their path forward.

We don’t just train coaches. We inspire your next steps. Take your first with First Step Training.

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