Blaze Rebels

David Lloyd launches Blaze Rebels programme as more families choose to exercise together

David Lloyd Clubs have launched the Blaze Rebels programme of activities at its premier fitness and sports facilities for families. The programme specialises in providing HIIT activities that the whole family can do together.

The workouts include a variety of MMA, cardio and strength training designed to raise the heart rate and encourage the whole family to get fitter together. Our Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction is perfect for aspiring coaches wishing to take advantage of how popular group fitness has become for adults and children.

Children will find unmistakable similarities to PE lessons or other activities programmes. Each participant spends 3 minutes in a zone performing a movement or skill, after which they will move on to the next. They perform the entire circuit twice, not unlike what they might find in a standard gymnastics PE lesson.

The sessions are delivered by an expert Blaze Rebels trainer and incorporate a range of lighter dumbbells and bags to challenge kids whilst maintaining its accessibility. Families taking part can track their workouts on interactive screens, aiming to help keep children focussed and engaged throughout workouts.

The hope is that this encourages more people to engage in HIIT activity, especially for that quality time with family, the operator added:

“Our specially-selected playlists give plenty of motivation and at 35 minutes from start to finish, a Blaze Rebels class proves that you don’t need to dedicate hours of your day to working out to feel the full benefit.

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