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Everything you need to know about First Step Training Strength & Conditioning

The assumption is often that strength and conditioning training is simply the performance-enhancing engine of athletes. In fact, training at this level can provide the fuel for a variety of different exploits, including better movement patterns to prevent injury whilst standing, sitting, or actively moving throughout the day. It can be especially useful for the elderly to prevent or reduce falls.

First Step Training is committed to providing students of their Strength and Conditioning levels with the capacity to both accelerate an athlete’s career and strengthen the everyday movement for adults and children with ease. The two levels offered by First Step Training are aimed at those who wish to expand their knowledge of fitness, anything from improving speed and agility to endurance and weight training.

The preliminary training at Level 1, developed in partnership with the Rugby Football Union (RFU), is for those considering assistant roles as fitness coaches in sport, recreation, and their allied industries. On completion, students will have gained a functional understanding of coaching. This includes: How to plan, deliver and evaluate coaching and understand the principles of how they work for the creation of their own fitness objectives.

As a standalone, they will have the practical experience to begin assisting in a paid or voluntary capacity. Furthering their knowledge, a Level 2 Award will broaden their understanding of the relationship between possible clients and coaches. They will learn the delivery, planning and monitoring of strength and conditioning sessions as well as how to build a relationship, that can create unique outcomes as a strength and conditioning coach.

The focus is on assessing a coach in real coaching environments, for their ability to understand the effectiveness of different programs and build programs they have adapted to their target audience.

The benefits of exercise, especially those that strengthen resilience, have been brought to the foreground. First Step Training believes in the essential nature of preventative coaching styles that can benefit both physical and mental health across communities.

Build them better. Build them stronger. Build them faster with First Step Training Strength & Conditioning. Contact the team to begin your journey now.

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